JAM Cards – Just A Minute

The JAM card can be used by anyone with a learning disability or communication barrier. It offers the user ‘Just A Minute’ with everyday interactions when out in public.

Virgin Trains has become the first travel company outside of Northern Ireland to introduce this ground-breaking initiative for people with communication barriers. Anyone with a JAM card can present it to Virgin Trains staff to let them know they have a communication barrier which could be a result of number of factors including autism or a learning difficulty.

The JAM card scheme was introduced across Virgin Trains routes in March 2019 and follows Virgin Trains’ recent industry-first initiative with Amazon which allows customers with disabilities to book JourneyCare through Alexa.

In the style of a credit card, it will help customers discreetly make staff aware of their condition.

To find out more and/or get a card visit: https://jamcard.org/jam-card

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